Welcome to Healthy.Capital, where we are dedicated to changing the future of healthcare. We invest in digital health solutions.

We believe that the future of modern healthcare is led by a digital revolution. With technology and digitalization at the forefront of change, innovation will thrive and grow, creating leverage for global reform.

Entrepreneurial capital

Our work is rooted in a deep understanding of the system in which we operate. This extensive knowledge- base, supported by an international network of health innovators and policy makers, creates a fruitful ecosystem in which our seeds can thrive and grow.


We believe that the future of modern healthcare is led by a digital revolution. That’s why the solutions that we invest in sit on the cutting edge of technology. By operating on the forefront of innovation, we aim to make impactful global change.

Committed to impact

There is an idealistic element to our proposition. The aim of our efforts is change; a new, inclusive and healthy system in which every single person can receive the care they need.

Human centred

People are at the core of everything we do. They are the end to our means and the why to our what. From a business perspective this translates into a strong desire to invest in a team, rather than a business plan. We believe in long term shared success.

Our team

Healthy.Capital is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with a health & care, investment and technology background.
Douwe Jippes
Ineke Cazander
Thom Nefkens

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