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In return for the invested capital and support, Healthy.Capital acquires a minority share.
We are:

  • Team with experts
  • Entrepreneurs by heart
  • Specialist in building product-market fit
  • Long term investment relationships
  • Digital Health VC with international network
  • Ecosystem key player

Our initially invested capital ranges between EUR 200K and EUR 1 M.
Once a board, and depending on the proposition, we will offer support with a startup mentality in the following areas:

Strategy Building
Operational Expertise
Business Development
Health & Care Expertise
Financial Roadmap Planning
Network Expansion

Our team

Healthy.Capital is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with a health & care, investment and technology background.
Douwe Jippes
Ineke Cazander
Thom Nefkens

Healthy.Capital invests in talented founders & teams.

Our focus is Digital Health

• Solutions

• Services

• SaaS

• Marketplaces

Our Criteria

• Business entity registered in the Netherlands

• Company younger than 7 years old

• Tech component

• (pre-)Seed stage

• Excellent teams

• Data driven DNA

• Strong problem-solution fit

• High scalability with healthy profitability

You will have our undivided attention when you are kindly using a concise slide deck that describes the following topics:


Introduce your team, highlighting each member's experience, skills and responsibilities.

Market Opportunity & Growth Strategy

Explain the market opportunity for your solution and how you plan to grow your business. Share a solid TAM-SAM-SOM model.

Product Roadmap & USP's

Discuss your product roadmap and what makes your solution unique.

Financials & Cap Table

Present your financial forecast, profit & loss balance and cap table.

Competitive Landscape

Analyze your competitors and explain how you differentiate from them.

Problem & Solution & Value Add

Describe the problem you are solving and how your solution addresses it. What’s your value add as a product?

Business Model & Traction

Outline your business model and share any traction you have generated so far.

Key Channels &  Testimonials

Identify your key channels for customer acquisition and include any testimonials you have received.

Funding & Use of Funds

Explain why you are seeking investment and how you plan to use the funds.

New Unit

Provide an overview of your key unit economics and user data: (CAC / CLV / COGS / CPA / MUA / DUA).